Donegan Optical Company, Inc.

Donegan Optical Company, Inc. since 1952, has been manufacturing precision visual aids for industry, home, office and crafts. Donegan products are 100% USA fabricated in our Lenexa, Kansas facility where we are fully equipped for precision glass grinding and polishing, injection and compression plastic molding, and design and tool development. Quality is our goal from the design to the finished product.

Donegan Optical Company also distributes other domestic manufactured products as well as some imported visual aids. Every product manufactured or sold by Donegan Optical Company is guaranteed as intended and to be as listed. We have been manufacturing quality products for over 60 years and our promise to our customers is for continued quality and service with our product line.


Donegan Optical Hobby

Our headband and eyeglass magnifiers are used by both casual and serious hobbyists all over the world, providing them with the best product detail and results.


Donegan Optical Jewelers

Owned by professionals throughout the jewelry industry, our OptiVISOR®s and loupes are used for grading and detailing diamonds and gemstones with unmatched performance and quality.


Donegan Optical Industrial

Donegan Optical’s aspheric lenses and magnifiers are applied to a wide range of industrial applications from quality assurance to product manufacturing and assembly.


Donegan Optical Notions

We deliver compact, superior optical magnifiers with minimal maintenance to meet the growing demand for professionals handling notions material.


Donegan Optical Sportsman

Made in the USA, our quality magnifiers offer a wide range of options for custom usage, including detail, repair and production tasks for professionals of all types.